Monday, October 18, 2010

Panel Installation Starts on Maidman Residence

All the panels for the first floor of the Maidman Residence went in last week.  On Friday, the panels were craned into place at a rate of about one every half hour.  The electrical conduits and threaded anchor rods were installed before the panels were craned into place (see additional images below).

After panel placement, the crew of Chapman Construction connected the threaded rods to the foundation anchors with couplers.  This connection was accomplished through access ports in the panel that came preinstalled from the Agriboard plant.  This was an improvement from our last installation. A big thank you to Stan Chapman and Agriboard for a set of panels that have gone in with few issues thus far!

Installation of Conduit and Threaded Rod Before Craning

Craning Panel Into Place

Attaching Coupler Through Panel Port

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