Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Make it Right"-Part 2

A couple distinctive homes in the "Make It Right" development.   Perhaps the most striking for its unique compact form, was the Morphosis FLOAT HOUSE.  Few projects in this development manage to create the  kind of impression this house does even before one knows its story.  Taking a page from building technologies developed in the Netherlands, this house is designed to lift off its moorings.  The building remains situated on the lot with guide posts that are concealed inside the building assembly when it is at rest.  The only other item worthy of mentioning is that Tom Mayne, of Morphosis, clearly had more resources to work with than many of the architects in this development.  With an in-house CNC machine and a team of people eager to be associated with a "starchitect", this project was understandably remarkable.

Another building worthy of mentioning is the Trey Trahan house situated on a corner not.  Trey Trahan is a local Baton Rouge architect. The dynamic form of the building, the large oak and the vibrant volleyball game going on in the front yard conspire to make this project a real crowd pleaser.  The economy of this building form exclusive of its snazzy front porch, makes it plausibly affordable. This is more than I can say for the FLOAT HOUSE.  

Trey Trahan House

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  1. I found your photo of Trey Trahan's house while I was researching images to include in an essay on humanitarian design I've written to be published in Thresholds, a design journal published by MIT. I would like to know if I can include your image. Please let me know if that's ok with you, you can email me at Thanks!